Urban Delta, Rethinking city planning - Reykjavik, IS

Key themes

Urban Delta is a concept for a new neighborhood in Reykjavik, addressing 10 key challenges regarding sustainability, inclusiveness, resilience, circularity and urban design. We neutralized the problem of emissions by integrating an on-site tree nursery and sustainable ways of building into the plan. Modular building systems could be adapted following future developments. Simultaneously, the spatial layout of the masterplan intended to establish a lively and inclusive community amongst its new residents.

The proposal was a finalist in the C40 Reinventing Cities competition, where multiple cities participated in worldwide.

Project data

NameUrban Delta, Rethinking city planning - Reykjavik, IS
PlaceReykjavik, Iceland
Area70.000m2 plot, 105.000m2 mixed program
Statuscompetition, finalist
ClientMunicipality of Reykjavik
CollaborationsVSO Consulting
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Orri Steinarsson, Julio Gil Farina, Daan Hens, Jesse Wijnen, Federica Giannone, Dimitrios Andrinopoulos, Madeleine Mans, Marta Vilaseca Piera