Sun Moon Stars - Yuchi, TW

For the redevelopment of the tourism infrastructure on one of the most beautiful locations in Taiwan, this proposal calls for a strategy of limited acceleration zones together with overall conservation of the natural beauty and qualities of the area.

The deceleration areas will be areas for ecological protection and conservation. In the acceleration zones, the access and parking infrastructure has been interpreted as a potential for generating spectacular and dramatic landscape features. Specially built structures like shading pavilions, floating structures and park zones form social meeting areas in contrast with the surrounding forests and lakeshore.

Project data

NameSun Moon Stars - Yuchi, TW
Area10 ha
Statuscompetition 2nd prize
ClientTaiwan Ministry of Tourism
Collaborationsstructural engineer; ABT, Velp (NL)
Design collaborationslandscape architects; ZUS Zones Urbaines Sensibles
Aura design (TW)
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Henk Bulstra (SP), Bert Karel Deuten (SP), Cheng-YU Chaing, Caro van de Venne, Merlijn Huibers, Samir Bantal, Ravi Kamisetti
sputnik project
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