Sports and exam centre - Leiden, NL

The masterplan for the campus of the University of Leiden provides for a multifunctional sports, educational and social building. To combine all the desired programmes on the envisaged plot, these need to be stacked, with three different floors housing different functions.

The ground floor offers spaces to small-scale programmes such as a gym, dressing rooms and a restaurant with a big terrace to create a social heart. The upper floors are two big sports halls with tribunes which allow the hosting of matches as well as examinations. All these floors are connected by a collective atrium that faces the adjacent public square.

The special sandwiched organisation is clearly legible in the architecture. The glass facades transform the building into a light beacon at night hinting at the sports activities taking place inside and attracting people to the restaurant/bar.

Project data

NameSports and exam centre - Leiden, NL
PlaceLeiden, The Netherlands
Area2.000 m²
ClientLeiden University
Collaborationsproject management; Res & Smit
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Paul van den Bergh, Julio Gil Farina
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