Bord de Mer - Bord de Mer, GA

The Port Mole public spaces will be an iconic place and an example of integrated sustainable development that intrinsically reinforces the local economy. The design features a strong and outspoken formal character.

Libreville Port Mole will be a spearhead project in Africa. This proposal respects the existing plan and adds a high-level and exciting public space concept.

The central gesture is a continuous boardwalk ribbon, that ties together the entire area in a single sweep. Outside the ribbon, on the edges of the plan towards the water, it is flexible and spectacular. In contrast, the public space areas in between the buildings have a more formal and elegant character.

The plan focuses on continuity and connectivity. Legibility, wayfinding and placemaking are central themes to the design. The cross-section is simple, outspoken has a strong identity. It can be consistently applied across the waterfront and matches with the existing road sections in the master plan.

Project data

NameBord de Mer - Bord de Mer, GA
PlaceGabon, Africa
Area100.000 m2, public space design
StatusSecond prize, Settled, 2014
ClientNational government of Gabon
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Paul van den Bergh, Maxwell Abubakar