Villa 100 - Eemst, NL

Key themes

In the outskirts of Emst, on the east side of the Veluwe, there is a
small plot. Because of the small width on the side of the public road, the lot is hidden behind the adjoining buildings, but on the other side it stretches far between the agricultural lands behind.

The villa consists of two layers. The top layer is open and outwards, this is where the living room and the kitchen are located. The second layer is below the surface and is more introvert. Around the patio lie the bedroom and office.

On the north side of the lot is a two-and-a-half-meter high gardenwall. The garden wall of Norwegian brickwork starts in front of the house and ends far behind the house in the garden.

The entrance of the house is sheltered in the armpit between the
house and the wall. Behind the front door the corridor runs along
the garden wall to the rear of the house, where the living room
is located. Large glass fronts give a wide view of the underlying

Project data

NameVilla 100 - Eemst, NL
PlaceEmst, The Netherlands
Area125 m2
StatusBuilt 2003
CollaborationsVan Laar, contractor
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Henk Bultstra (SP), Bert Karel Deuten (SP), Romke de Haan (SP)

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