Honderdland - Maasdijk, NL

In an industrial park, the building plot is surrounded by giant warehouses and logistical monsters. In this context a building that houses three smaller companies was designed to address the small scale of the individual companies and the large scale of the context.

Within the overall composition, the smaller companies each have an individual expression through the colour and materialisation of their office spaces. These were designed as colorful ‘eyes’ that accentuate the different corners. Together they form a gesture appropriately scaled to stand out even next to the big neighbors.

Among the logistic transhipment warehouses on the Honderland business park, smaller companies have established themselves. This multi-company building accomodates three small-scale companies. The building allows the three businesses to be presented in a large building like its surroundings, while at the same time being able to retain their individual small-scale identities.

The companies in the building present themselves at every angle with an excellent mass in their own company color, within the larger neutral volume. The basic volume has remained standard in order to point all the attention and budget to the ‘specials’. The features are each materialized and detailed in their own way.

Every overhang forms one of the ‘eyes’ of the building. Each eye represents the entrance of a company, providing added value for the building usage.

Project data

NameHonderdland - Maasdijk, NL
PlaceMaasdijk, the Netherlands
Area4.000 m²
ClientVan Mierlo Construction Company & Developers
Collaborationsstructural engineers; Broersma
building consultants; Nieman
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Bert Karel Deuten (SP), Henk Bultstra (SP), Gaby van den Boom
sputnik project
PhotographyMegin Zondervan