Kaohsiung Waterfront - Kaohsiung, TW

This prize-winning plan for developing the port of Kaohsiung is built around the city’s DNA.

Key themes

The city’s avenues and the mountain park are extended onto the quays and piers.

Meanwhile the development of specific high and low density typologies creates two distinct urban environments.

The waterfront location houses a conventional port and also has plenty of room for the city to introduce large-scale water activities.

Finally, the construction of two new bridges creates a natural heart for the Love Bay and all related activities and facilities.

Project data

NameKaohsiung Waterfront - Kaohsiung, TW
PlaceKaohsiung, Taiwan
Area970.000 m2 and 2km waterfront
ClientCity government Kaohsiung
CollaborationsEDS Taipei, Flexbase
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Bert Karel Deuten (SP), Henk Bultstra (SP), Binsu Chiang, Christopher Sklar, Brendan Cormier

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