Vogabyggð - Reykjavik, IS

This masterplan is the first large-scale plan to realise the ambitions of the city of Reykjavík’s municipal development plan, Reykjavík 2010-2030. The proposal connects the masterplan area and the surroundings with a public space network.

The plan replaces the current harsh industrial context with a fabric of clear and diverse urban spaces, consisting of streets, waterfront boardwalks and squares. The adjacent nature reserve and sea inlet is embraced and reconnected to the city.

Vogabyggð will become a community by the sea, where community making, and local identity are the focal points. In this way, Vogabyggð represents Iceland´s next generation of sustainable urbanisation, focusing on liveability and human scale, high-quality public space, and green mobility.

Key themes

The city of Reykjavik has embarked on an ambitious development
master plan, Reykjavik 2010-2030. This plan aims at providing a new generation of urban developments for the city, based on integrating urban themes like transportation, densification, energy and sustainability with new housing and working programs. This masterplan is the first large scal plan to realise these ambitions.

The proposal makes the themes of a well connected public transporation network central in a layered approach in which nice public spaces and well-defined urban spaces will be shaped. In this way a strong sense of place will be formed in a hars industrial context.

Connecting the city and surrounding to the Masterplan

Making a connection to the heart of the suburb

Collecting the rainwater by means of greenry on the rooftops

Project data

NameVogabyggð - Reykjavik, IS
PlaceReykjavik, Iceland
Area200.000 m²
Statuscompetition 1st prize; under construction
ClientMunicipality of Reykjavík, Hömlur, Festir
CollaborationsVSO consulting
Design collaborationslandscape; Felixx
architecture and architectural engineering; Teiknistofan Tröð architecture (ISL)
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Orri Steinarsson, Paul van den Bergh, Julio Gil Farina
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