Head Office for Qualm Contracting Company - Rozenburg, NL

Key themes

A hospitable and stylish office building serves as the headquarters for the contractor company Qualm. The building reflects the atmosphere and way of working in the company.

The Qualm office is located on an unseen business park in Rozenburg, in the port area of Rotterdam. The shell of the building is robustly profiled and thus subtly sheds itself into the rough context of the surrounding no-nonsense 60s sheds.

In the interior of the generic office building a space of a totally different order has been designed. A 3D corridor zone is, as it were, saved from the office volume: it is the social machine of the building. A wooden, connecting space forms the warm throbbing heart of the building in a relaxed way. This social machine is next to a traffic space also a meeting space, copy space, canteen and coffee place for the users of the building.

Despite the many glass surfaces and the open layout, the energy performance is very efficient. The installations are included in the parapet, therefore ceilings were not necessary and the floor height is relatively low.

Project data

NameHead Office for Qualm Contracting Company - Rozenburg, NL
PlaceRozenburg, The Netherlands
Area1000 m2
ClientContractor company Qualm, Rozenburg
CollaborationsKroon & De Koning, contractors; Broersma, structural engineers; Mobius, M&E consultancy; Beers Nielsen, Light advice; 13 Speciaal
Design collaborationsPhotography: Ruben Dario Kleimeer, Rene de Wit
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Henk Bultstra (SP), Bert Karel Deuten (SP),Nikki Mulder, Eric Pigat, Nika Jazaei, Tanja Lina

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