Coolhaven Waterfront - Rotterdam, NL

Key themes

In the center of the city, next to Rotterdam University and the Erasmus Medical Center, a unique neighborhood for living and working is taking shape – Coolhaven Waterfront! This characteristic location is just large enough to develop an identity of its own, but firmly rooted in the historical style and class of Rotterdam. Coolhaven marries an intimate inner area with a green park area right at the water’s edge.


You’ll be amazed at the combination of Coolhaven’s small-scale with the abundance of street-level stimuli. Its park right on the water, unprecedented for Rotterdam, lends itself perfectly for sports events, a food market or outdoor theater. In the intimate inner area you’ll marvel at the high quality of the public space and buildings, the variety in approaches to living and working, and unexpected new work and hospitality concepts.


Coolhaven offers the carefree feeling of a village, right in the middle of Rotterdam. Its effortless combination of soft public space, its pleasant and small-scale setting, and its distinctive utilities make it an exceptional neighborhood. It’s a wonderful place to live and work and watching the cargo ships pass by.

The real Rotterdam

Home to a diverse mix-young and old, start-ups and traditional market players– it’s this fusion between different walks of life that makes Coolhaven Waterfront what it is and gives it its own energy. This maverick spirit teamed with the buildings that mimic typical buildings in the area give Coolhaven its authentic Rotterdam appeal.

Project data

NameCoolhaven Waterfront - Rotterdam, NL
PlaceRotterdam, The Netherlands

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