Erasmus University Campus - Rotterdam, NL

Key themes

The Erasmus University is situated at one of the access roads in the east of Rotterdam. Until a few years ago the Erasmus University campus was little more than a collection of individually designed buildings, entrances and parking spaces with poor connections between them. The redesign of the campus took into account the absolute need for a sense of place, orientation and identity as well as a strategy that allowed for future expansion. The introduction of two axes - the Erasmus Plaza and the Institutenlaan - organises the internal circulation and marks a clear hierarchy to the new main entrances.One of the new axes, the University Plaza, acts as a main street, housing all facilities such as a bookshop, restaurants, supermarket and cafe. Pedestrian access to the parking garage is situated on the Erasmus Plaza. At the crossing of the two axes, a new restaurant, exhibition space and theatre are combined in an appealing new student pavilion. The Erasmus Campus is largely car-free. Parking is located underneath this University Plaza and can be accessed by car from the east and west entrances.The newly created monumental pond not only shapes the heart of the campus, but is also the core of a water management scheme, that creates a sustainable ecological structure for the campus.Coherent set of guidelines has been established in close collaboration with the municipality to safeguard the developement qualities into the future.The masterplan impact was tested in a windtunnel

Project data

NameErasmus University Campus - Rotterdam, NL
PlaceRotterdam, The Netherlands
Area200.000 m2
ClientErasmus University Rotterdam
PhotographyRené de Wit, Ossip van Duivenbode

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