Linck, Connecting nature and people - The Hague, NL

Linck merges high-rise living and neighbourhood schmoozing in a new typology: housing organised around an atrium with sky-gardens. The building marks a new step in the history of towers in The Hague. It is part of the Binckhorst transformation where a derelict industrial site, just outside the centre, is being redeveloped into a new makers/living district.

Linck connects at many levels. It relates Binckhorst to the city skyline. The overgrown façades and sky gardens form a stepping stone in the ecological system of the area. The atrium pulls the public realm towards the highest dwellings. Ultimately, Linck connects people and will generate a new type of local urban community.

Key themes

Our proposal connects the city and skyline to the individual experience scale on street level and in the building. The façade and public gardens in the building are designed to become a habitat and stepping stone for surrounding flora and fauna, making nature-inclusive biodiversity an important theme of the building.Throughout the building a continuous atrium has been designed, which at various levels branches out towards the façade, creating a series of hanging gardens. The atrium functions as a social machine, with residents of the dwellings looking straight into the lush green world of the atrium. The combination of apartments in various sizes and the atrium with its themed gardens, generates a new typology, a new open way of urban apartment living.

Project data

NameLinck, Connecting nature and people - The Hague, NL
PlaceBinckhorst, The Hague, The Netherlands
Area700 m²
Statuscompetition 1st prize, start construction 2021
ClientERA Contour
Collaborationsstructure; IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs
nature inclusive design; DS landscape architects
M&E, fire; Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs
water retention; De Dakdokters
community & participation; Thuismakers Collectief Urban Psychologists
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Jesse Wijnen, Markus Freigang, Dimitrios Andrinopoulos, Federica Giannone
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