Héðinsreitur - Reykjavik, IS

Along the new developement axes of Reykjavik the city aims to reduce car traffic and create urban areas for people.

Key themes

This project main focus is to create an urban community with mixed functions like appartments, hotel, retail and offices.

The plot is well connected to the adjecent neighbourhoods which gives an sustainable impuls to the local economoy, livablity and vitality.

The project relates to three conditions; the historical city centre, the industrial past and the waterfront of Reykjavik in order to create a vital and people friendly urban community

Project data

NameHéðinsreitur - Reykjavik, IS
Area22000 m2 mixed use
ClientFestir EHF, Mannverk EHF
CollaborationsTeikn Arkitektaþjónusta
Design teamJaakko van 't Spijker, Orri Steinarsson, Julio Gil Farina, Ilse Janmaat, Federica Giannone, Jesse Wijnen, Paul van den Bergh, Vania Citraro

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