It is our mission to create warm, friendly, urban places for people.
Connectivity in our designs and in our communication define us.
Our promise is value creation.

We work with passion and focus and we always deliver.

We make comprehensive designs in which buildings and public space flow together. In these designs, we pursue open specific experiences by extrapolating and radicalizing everyday reality.


jvantspijker Urbanism Architecture Research BV is an award-winning design practice for architecture and urban planning based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our office combines professional craftsmanship with an open, adventurous and energetic attitude. We work on a wide range of building projects, covering the disciplines of master planning, architecture and interior design.

The office was founded in 2011 by Jaakko van ‘t Spijker. Jaakko obtained his master’s degree in Architecture, with distinction, at Delft University of Technology in 1996. He has worked with distinct architectural practices OMA and NACO and he was one of the founding partners of Sputnik architects. Jaakko set up the jvantspijker office to realize his vision of creating integral architecture with projects that radically enhance people’s experience and daily use of buildings and built environments.

In 2018 Jaakko has joined forces with urban planner Orri Steinarsson, after a long period of collaboration on various projects. Orri has acquired over 20 years of experience as a senior urban planner in various roles (urban designer, project manager, municipal planner, consultant). Orri’s passion is connecting: he deeply believes in the power of connectivity in planning and connection in process and the value that creates.

Together Jaakko and Orri have the complementary set of competences that is perfectly suited to put the mission of the office in to practice.


We pursue open specific experiences by extrapolating everyday reality to come to a more ‘radical’ version of it. We have developed a working method in which enhancing simple aspects of a given brief lead to outspoken and exciting designs. Our works therefore sets a specific stage for open use and interpretation.


To fulfill our vision and ambitions, over the years our practice has put emphasis in developing a number of specific competences related to the planning and design of integral projects. A number of these specializations are:
  • Integration of master planning, architecture and landscape design
  • Design tactility and sensibility
  • Connectivity and communication
  • Sustainability
  • Program & process strategy
  • Diversity
  • Construction economy
  • Typological innovation
  • Research theory and polemic positioning


jvantspijker participates with Juurlink [+] Geluk in CULD, a joint venture set up to develop large-scale integrated Complex Urban Landscape Design assignments. CULD has proven to be a successful consortium in response to projects in which integration of the disciplines of architecture, urban design and landscaping under one roof is an asset. In Rotterdam, for both the Erasmus University Campus and Coolhaven Waterfront Housing projects, CULD has been asked to design masterplan, architecture and public space & landscaping. CULD has also been successful in several large scale projects abroad, including projects in Taiwan, UAE, Latvia and Kosovo.


It is our conviction that good results don’t come alone: jvantspijker is a collaboration-oriented office, we are a real team-player in the consultant and stakeholder constellations that come with large and complicated projects.

We continue to enjoy intense interactions with clients, stakeholders and consulting colleagues; a selection of who they are:
  • Paul de Ruiter architects
  • Juurlink [+] Geluk planning & landscape
  • Goudstikker de Vries structural engineers
  • INBO
  • Nieman building consultancy
  • Felixx landscape design
  • Teinknistofan Tröð
  • Peña architecture
  • Tielemans structural engineers
  • WE adviseurs sustainability consultants
  • Mobius adviseurs sustainability consultants
  • Fabrications sustainable architecture
  • Res & Smit building consultancy
  • Fakton management & costing
  • Sanner Vastgoed advies
  • Molsbergen development & management
  • Brink groep management & costing
  • IMD structural engineers
  • Kokke design
  • Deerns M&E consultancy
  • VSO building consultancy
  • Arup
  • Plein 06 strategy & landscape
  • DS biodiverse city
  • Aecom
  • Made by mistake
  • DGMR


An international team of motivated and highly skilled professionals, each with a strong distinct character, is committed to the actual design of the projects in the office. Everyone in their own way brings dedication, care and attention to work. As a group, we provide a total package of conceptual, technical and visual skills. Therefore we can provide a reliable and consistent high quality output in each project that is taken on.


We are constantly scouting for talented interns and junior designers.


At this moment we have no specific vacancies open but feel free to email us your CV and portfolio.


jvantspijker works for a large and varied range of predominantly professional clients, both in the public and private sectors. The office prides itself in working with an ambitious and high profile range of organizations, developers and government bodies. Many of our clients return to us after a first time working with us, which has led to a number of lasting relations with important clients.


Jvantspijker regularly participates in competitions, tenders and shortlisted selections. The office prides itself with a high success-rate, that has made winning tenders and awards to become a key part of the business development strategy.
  • 2018 - Hafnarfjörður international competition: 1st prize
  • 2016 - Gufunes Masterplan, international competition: 1st prize
  • 2016 - Erasmus University Rotterdam: campus redevelopment, invited competition: 1st prize
  • 2014 - Erasmus Campus Woudestein: Best Public Space Award
  • 2013 - Nordic Built Competition for sustanable office redevelopment: Honourable mention
  • 2012 - Coolhaven Masterplan, invited competition. Rotterdam, NL: 1st prize
  • 2012 - Vogabyggo Masterplan, international competition: 1st prize
  • 2007 - Kaohsiung Waterfront International competition: 1st prize
  • 2007 - Art park - Rotterdam, NL: 1st prize
  • 2004 - Housing project Compagnie quarter Delfshaven - Rotterdam, NL: 1st prize
  • 2004 - Charlotte Köhler Award, Prince Bernhard Foundation: Best young Dutch architecture practice
  • 2003 - Sun Moon Lake international competition, Taiwan: 2nd prize
  • 1997 - Japan Architect Shinkenshiku Residential competition: honorary mention
  • 1997 - Archiprix Holland: nomination


Address:Mathenesserdijk 418F
3026 GV Rotterdam
Tel.:+31 (0) 10 254 0558