Jvantspijker & partners announced winners Hafnarfjörður planning competition

2018-06-02 by Jaakko van 't Spijker The jury of the Hafnarfjörður planning competition in Iceland, which called for an integral vision to redevelop the center of this coastal town, has announced jvantspijker & partners as ex aequo winners. The winners were congratulated in a ceremony in Hafnarfjörður by the mayor and the jury, on June 1st. The winning scheme proposes to embrace the characteristic bay of Hafnarfjörður. This is done by organizing a string of public programs along the shoreline and by upgrading quaysides and coastal zones to become an continuous high quality public space. Further to this, the jvantspijker team proposes to redevelop the existing harbor area into two different zones: One area will be dedicated to form a new housing community, offering a mix of housing types ranging from affordable housing to family housing. Another part of the existing port will be densified and intensified into a working area, facilitating offices and R&D programs to settle in this part of town. Together the proposal provides a framework along which future developments can be organized. The framework vision will much better connect the community, enhance coherence in public space and by providing clarity it creates value for the future of both the port Hafnarfjörður, the town and its people. Tags: Iceland, Hafnarfjörður, competition

Orri Steinarsson joins jvantspijker as partner

2018-05-30 by Jaakko van 't Spijker In 2018 Jaakko has joined forces with urban planner Orri Steinarsson, after a long period of collaboration on various projects. Orri has acquired over 19 years of experience as a senior urban planner in various roles (urban designer, project manager, municipal planner, consultant). Orri's passion is connecting: he deeply believes in the power of connectivity in planning and connection in process and the value that creates. Together Jaakko and Orri have the complementary set competences that is perfectly suited to put the mission of the office in to practice.
Tags: Partnership, Orri Steinarsson

First poles into the ground mark the start of construction Little C

2018-05-29 by Jaakko van 't Spijker After years of preparations the Little C projects has broken ground. As the first of 1600 piles was piled into the ground, this marked the first action of physically building the complex. Over the course of two years a new urban area will be built. In one go, a complex housing dwellings, businesses, restaurants, a family house for the Erasmus hospital, a garage and many more functions will be constructed.
Tags: Coolhaven, Little C, Rotterdam, Masterplan, In progress, ERA contour, JP van Eesteren