17/03/08 jvantspijker with 2BA selected for Igualada competition
16/12/08 Gufunes freezone: urban fertilizer for Reykjavik
16/09/21 Open Specific - Three timber projects
16/08/23 Transformation of office building into apartments for refugees in the center of Amsterdam
16/04/06 CULD completes 2nd phase of Erasmus PLaza and parking garage
16/03/14 CULD wins second Prize in Prishtina, Kosovo
16/01/07 Preliminary Design NHTV campus Breda delivered
15/09/03 CULD hired as masterplanning consultant for University of Latvia Campus, Riga
15/05/27 jvantspijker with Felixx present Smáralind Mall
15/04/07 jvantspijker with Felixx commissioned to design parking and public space master plan for Smáralind Mall
15/03/09 CULD in team Inbo wins tender NHTV Campus Breda
15/01/27 CULD designs spatial development vision for World Food Center in Ede
14/12/29 jvantspijker with felixx win selection for the repositioning of Kronenburg Businesspark
14/11/03 The Erasmus Univerity Campus wins Best Public Space in Holland award
14/09/17 jvantspijker with Felixx and Tröð shortlisted for redevelopment of public square Reykjavik
14/07/02 Rotterdam Coolhaven waterfront masterplan back on track
14/05/29 CULD project as part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
14/04/29 Reykjavik municipality approved framework masterplan for the Vogabyggð
14/04/18 Expert meeting Casablanca
14/04/02 CULD develops spatial translation Knowledge Axis Ede-Wageningen