Reykjavik University Campus
Type: Invited competition
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Client: RU University
partners: Juurlink [+] Geluk; Broekbakema; M3; Orri Steinarsson
Program/Size: 50.000 m2 mixed use university program
Status: settled, 2006
Sputnik project

On a beautiful location just outside the city center of Reykjavik, wedged in between the sea and a forested hill, a new university campus is to be developed. The essential concept is to extend the natural beauty of the neighboring forest and to achieve a true forest campus. The campus typology consists of loose buildings of different sizes, with a main central building, housing several faculties, to be realized in the first phase. A natural square or spine extends through the entire campus development and organizes the internal connections within the campus development.