EUR Parking Interior
Type: Commission
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Erasmus University, Rotterdam
partners: Tielemans, construction; Deerns, M&E; INBO, design development; BAM, contractor
Program/Size: 1000 parking spaces
Status: Under construction

The idea behind the garage is for it to be a worthy part of the entrance sequence to the Erasmus University Campus, rather than a pragmatic piece of transportation infrastructure.
The overall concept of the garage is straightforward and functional. Two specific additions have been realized to enhance its spatial quality: Two open voids and a ceiling of lamellas. The voids ensure the orientation and way finding inside the garage. The ceiling is the ongoing spatial organizing element, behind which all M&E infrastructure is realized out of sight. To underline the welcoming gesture that the garage is to make, the staircases and signage have a clear and crisp finish.

Designed with Sputnik, Plaza design by Juurlink [+] Geluk

Photos by: Rene de Wit