Qualm office building
Type: Commission
Location: Rozenburg, Greater Rotterdam area, The Netherlands
Client: Qualm Contracting Company
partners: Mobius
Program/Size: 1000 m2
Status: Under construction
Sputnik project

For a growing contracting company, located in the rugged industrial zone of Rozenburg, a compact and transparent building was designed which reflects the values and context of the company. The facade was designed to have a strong graphic relief and tectonic appearance, to anchor the building properly in the raw context. In contrast, the interior is predominantly wood-clad, light and transparent, forming a very pleasant interior for users. The building has been made very energy friendly through state of the art concrete cooling/heating elements in combination with optimized use of the orientation and the provision of sun- and light filled atriums integrated in the public spaces of the building.

Exterior photo's by Ruben Dario Kleimeer
Interior photo's by Rene de Wit