Erasmus University mega garage
Type: Commission
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Erasmus University, Rotterdam
partners: Tielemans, construction; Deerns, M&E; INBO, design development; BAM, contractor
Program/Size: 1000 parking spaces
Status: Under construction

One of the central first phase features in the Erasmus University master plan is the construction of a new half sunk garage with a grand plaza on the roof. This new construction will mark the new central main entrances of the university campus. To enhance the wayfinding and orientation in the garage two spatial features have been designed: Two open air voids and an orange louvers ceiling all across the parking layers. These two features will make the experience of entering the garage appropriate for the access of the campus of this prominent university.

Designed with Sputnik, Plaza design by Juurlink [+] Geluk

Photos by: Chidi Onuka,Rene de Wit and Bert Karel Deuten