Office to Housing
Type: Commission
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Client: Ymere
Program/Size: 1500 m2 office building, 23 apartments
Team: Dura Vermeer, Nieman, Kaskon
Status: Under Construction

The housing corporation Ymere is transforming one of its former office locations in the center of Amsterdam into apartments to house refugees who have received a residence permit. CULD has provided the transformation designs. This project addresses two current challenges in urban design and architecture: reviving inner cities by transforming empty buildings into housing and the challenge to provide housing for newly arrived refugees. The project highlights the potential of numerous empty office locations in response to the new housing demand and the potential to revive inner city areas. The project has been developed in a fast track design process, with the ambition to go from initiative to delivery of the dwellings within one year. Construction is estimated to take 4 months.