Prishtina Terraces
Type: International design competition
Location: Prishtina, Kosovo
Client: Tregtia
Partners: DGMR, sustainability, traffic Pieters Bouwtechniek, building engineering Senat Haliti, local partner
Program/Size: 6000 houses, supporting commercial program, kindergarten, health care center and cultural center
Status: 2nd prize, settled

Prishtina Terraces: A new part of the city with roots in its history. The design creates a city with a human scale and livable streets, even with a dense program of over 6000 dwellings. The plan incorporates the genus loci of the plot (heights) and city (typologies). It combines unique curved lush streets with a radial pedestrian system of alleys. Along the structural lines we introduce a sophisticated and contrasting system of town houses and towers, allowing for a broad variety of housing typologies such a family housing, apartments and small companies. The heart of the plan is formed by a lush green park, the place to be and meet. Along this park and the three main streets, the neighborhood has a vibrant life with terraces in the north and a small shopping street in the south.