Smaralind Mall Masterplan
Type: Commission
Location: Kopavogur, Iceland
Partners: Felixx, Atelier LEK
Client: Smaralind Mall / Reginn
Program/Size: 12 ha, 2400 parking places
Status: Ongoing

The last ten years have seen shifts occur in the way we shop as well as in the perception of the street and the city. Shops are becoming increasingly standardized and interchangeable on the internet and more authentic and experience-driven in their physical appearances. In the urban development of shopping and housing areas, renewed attention is laid on friendly public spaces, human scale and good streets (a revaluation of the so-called ‘European City’). These trends come together in the vision development for Smáralind Mall. Can we learn from the developments around us and come up with a concept for a mall that is both car-friendly and people-friendly; that simultaneously makes a slick design statement and contributes to a friendlier urban environment; that is at once functional and fun? Smáralind Mall as a functional experience!

Hybrids are all around us. Cars and computers have all undergone rapid changes; the next step is taking place in Urban Hardware: streets, working environments, shopping. The urban context of Smáralind Mall is being transformed from a classic mall typology (autonomous stand-alone building surrounded by a sea of parking) into an exciting urban hybrid. A shopping center that grants car-visitors a top entry experience that lives up to the lavish interior of the mall, and that also contributes to the new Smárabyggð development that is coming alongside. The public space and landscape design will be the cement between the different concepts. The open space design will glue the various components in the area together to form a coherent, functional and fresh look and feel around the mall.