Community by the sea
Type: International design competition
Location: Vogabyggð, Reykjavik, Iceland
Partners: Felixx and Orri Steinarson
Client: Hömlur, Municipality of Reykjavik
Program/Size: 100.000m2 of mixed development, including 400 dwellings
Status: First prize, ongoing

The location is tightly embedded within a port and transshipment area, a residential area and a large nature reserve. The competition is one of the first focus areas of a large long-term masterplan set up by the municipality of Reykjavik. The overarching plan commits to redevelopment, densification and sustainability.

"The renewed link between urban and nature functions as the base for various spatial identity carriers and will be translated into a strong network of connections through the city and adjacent nature reserve. The jury praised the "ambition and high quality" of the proposal and the for Reykjavik' standards innovative compact and integrated approach to planning and landscape." The design presents itself as a community by the sea, where community making and local identity is the central theme.

The next phase will be developed in collaboration with Tröð.