Type: International design competition
Location: Hippostalo Office - Finland
Client: Nordic Innovation organization
Program/Size: 14000m2
Status: Settled

The future workplace is not one idea and one space: it is an accumulation of ideas and types ; an array of functional, architectural and urban spaces and concepts. As in the situation of the city outside it has to perform many and often opposing functions: the village square; the food court in the mall; the open space in the forest; the zen and focus moment

The zoning for selective use helps enormously to reduce energy demand across the board. The spatial demand reduction is topped up by a time-demand reduction that is provided in this proposal: The building will only use energy when and where people actually are present and using it. On moments the building is not in use it will close itself and go to sleep, the way lilies close themselves up at night.

The facade of the building acts as a living membrane: It systematiclly closes up into hybernation when it knows no users will be expected in its spaces. Therefore the energy use of the building gets an extreme boost in yiield efficiency.