MORE IS RICH: Sustainable fun and flexibility
Type: International design competition
Location: Freshkills Park, New York City
Client: New York City's Department of Parks & Recreation
Program/Size: 6.056.000 KwH annual capacity of green energy
Status: Awaiting result

MORE IS RICH proposes a radical congestion of a selected landscape strip in the Fresh Kills Park. Hypothesis: Inverting Central Park, Manhattan’s urban release valve, to create a Freshkills Intense Landscape charging point. A programmatic infill with various power generation proposals of the strip has been developed in which the grand urban context of New York is reflected, with an exuberance and joie de vivre that befits a true cosmopolitan setting. The concept has a duality in its nature, it is an entity as a whole and it is a connector in its parts; it reinforces underlying landscape features. The end result is a rich tapestry of intense landscape forms in a dynamic composition.