Klaksvik Culture Street
Type: International design competition
Location: Klaksvik, The Faroe Islands
Client: Klaksvik Manucipality
Partners: Laplab and Orri Steinarson
Program/Size: 22.000 m2 mixed use development
Status: Settled

The Klaksvik proposal coins a framework plan that hinges on a number of core qualities: the creek, the highstreet, the central square and the revitalized waterfront. The architectural means with which to realize these qualities as well as the phasing in time is flexible and can be implemented in various ways. The plan can be developed with the local community in a process of public participation. The ecological blue green spine interacts with the urban tissue and creates conditions to integrate fresh water within the urban plan. The framework of public spaces makes sheltered microclimates, whilst the development flexibility is a sustainable principle.