Loft Landscapes – Loft Museums
Type: International design competition
Location: Sejong, South Korea
Program/Size: 19 ha, 11 - 13 museums, 125.000m2 GFA
Status: settled

In order to fulfill Sejong’s ambitions to raise itself as a global city with cultural relevance, this master plan provides a robust Framework for Culture.
A global successful museum district provides a combination of:
• local roots
• identity and heritage
• worldwide exposure
• visitor’s experience
• timeless endurance
The proposal provides a connected patterned landscape that bridges the adjacent natural and urban areas. This landscape provides intimacy and can simultaneously absorb large events, crowds and art pieces.

The landscape is flanked by a row of museums and public buildings, a skyline towards the city. These volumes have an identical footprint; their height is determined by the required program. These buildings form a family of personalities and are connected by a series of bridges, that form a walk of discovery. The architecture is inspired by Loft Spaces, providing strong architectural spaces for exhibition and experience, in a synergetic combination with the Loft Gardens.